I lost my beloved dog today.

My brother wrote this in remembrance.

“Admittedly, I haven’t yet completed “The Lord of the Rings,” but I have a cursory knowledge of it from the film versions, and from reading “The Fellowship of the Ring” and a good part of “The Two Towers.” Although I haven’t quite finished my journey through Middle Earth, I have my favorite places there, and my favorite people.

My favorite character from the stories has always been Samwise Gamgee. Appropriately named for “Gamgee Tissue,” a surgical dressing, Sam Gamgee assists Frodo in his quest to destroy the One Ring – a dark artifact of great power – and Sam himself is even able to bear the ring without being tempted by its evil. He is loyal, kind, and is considered by many to be the true hero of the books – even Tolkien.

How appropriate and lucky it is for me, then, to have been privileged with the companionship of a dog named Sam for twelve years of my life. Just like the character who I came to privately believe was his namesake, my Sam was also loyal and kind. Good dog, Sam. Hopefully, Undying Lands also await you.“

I thought I would share it because comparing my dog to Samwise Gamgee is the most accurate and heartfelt thing I think my brother could have said.